I am a Geological Engineer, researcher in major risks and mineralogist, I have traveled the entire planet for nearly 20 years, an engineer for several mining companies, I have led and participated in several major archaeological missions, Egypt, Eastern Mesopotamia, or  Turkey Gobekli Tepe.,

I prospected and explored our planet to discover these marvels but also to observe the beauty of its nature, to understand the senses and the mysteries that surround our civilization. Among the treasures of our planet, mineralogy and their rare elements, remain for me the greatest element of understanding the chemical formation of rocks and their evolution for nearly 4.5 billion years.

Gold and the elements are part of this natural and chemical heritage that our world has been trying to capture since the dawn of time, a strange and fabulous story that man has not stopped discovering and coveting throughout human history, this reference site is dedicated to the king of metals, and the origin of all my civilization myths, the mythology of the gods, the history of the creation of ancient nations and civilizations is based on a single myth, a single king, who for nearly 12000 years will make and break our history I named gold....

thank you for accompanying me on this fabulous journey, this anthropogenic, ethnographic and mystical adventure where alchemy mixes with the astrophysics of the elements from the birth of the big bang to the depths of the earth....

Geological Engineer .
Mineralogist / Micro'-mineralogy.
Metallogeny of rare elements.
Metalogeny of radionuclides.
metallogenesis of ancient civilizations.
Researcher in Major Risks.