22 Jul

The idea of this adventure came from the rarity for men to observe in nature the different polygenic structures of the most precious metal in the universe "Gold".

 Reproducing this natural miracle requires an immense knowledge of the chemical and petrographic genesis and paragenesis of mineralogy. it is a challenge that only 40 years of experience in the complex field of rock geochemistry can partially meet. these reproductions are unique in the history of mineralogy, so they are unique in the world. they come from a process to remain secret, each piece is absolutely unique, these reproductions require for some of them hundreds of hours of work.

 So why breed on such a precious natural treasure...!?

  The reason can be education, beauty, understanding or even a personal challenge, because in mineralogy or earth science, only love and aesthetics are essential to the search or discovery of 4.5 billions of years of metaphysical and astrophysical evolution.

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